Mendix Solutions

Develop new products or services for your business in days or weeks.

A new product, process or a new way of engaging with your clients and employees starts with an idea. We capture that idea, and with your direction we explore how best to deliver an app that gives you what you need. We jointly do this by a process of capture, develop, deploy, and iterate in a short period of time, typically in days. This helps you evolve the app as you discover the finer details. Your original ideas may change with feedback received from your colleagues once they have seen the app taking shape.

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Breathe new life into your back-end systems

The heart of your organizations IT system probably involves an ERP system of some description. These systems provide the integration, compliance, standardized processes and reporting that you need. The processes can sometimes be complex, not friendly, have an old fashioned look and feel, but do the job.

Modernizing these processes through an app make them more accessible and improves business process while leveraging your core ERP systems.

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